A Spark of Ingenuity

An American Innovation

Before the washing machine, shirts had to be scrubbed and starched by hand. This was an arduous process.

In 1820, Hannah Montague had an idea. She detached her husband’s collars from his work shirts, which allowed her to launder the collars separately.

A Business Opportunity

In 1851, Ebenezer Brown recognized the possibilities in the detachable collar industry and began manufacturing collars in the back of his general store in Troy, NY.

This modest beginning would eventually lead to the introduction of the ARROW brand in 1885 as a pioneer in men’s fashion.

The Arrow Collarman

was Introduced at the Turn of the 20th Century.

…and he quickly became the symbol of the idealized


Even serving as the inspiration
behind the play, Helen of Troy, New York

400 Varieties of Style

The ARROW brand at one time offered as many as 400 different styles of detachable collars. However, even as detachable collars fell out of fashion after WWI, ARROW continued to innovate and offer its "Authentic American Style."

As Fashion Changed Throughout the 20th Century,

The ARROW Brand Changed With It


Authentic American Style

After all these years, we are proud that we continue to offer the classic and authentic American style which made ARROW famous