5 things that will transform your workstation to a cool-station

Did you know that cubicles were considered liberating when they were first designed in the 1960s? True story—workers were actually thankful for the invention because the moveable walls allowed them to create and customize their own personal workspaces.
Though times have changed, and it can feel like you’re working out of a cardboard box sometimes, the cubicle still has the chance to become your own special office. So give it some flair! We’ve compiled 5 awesome items that will turn your cubicle into a space that liberates you.

Wooden Block Calendar

Everyday calendars are a bore, so go ahead and swap one of your two-dimensional calendars with these fun wooden blocks, and your every day can stack up just right.

Mustache Pushpins

Use them to hang up your daily assignments, things-to-do lists, important papers, or simply give your friends mustaches in any photos you have on the wall. These moustache shaped cool pushpins can surely add a touch of fun to your workstation.

Terrarium Garden

Terrariums require barely any attention or soil, so decorate them how you’d like and add some natural décor to your indoor space. Place them inside a small glass sphere or trough and watch them add some greens to your style.

Mini Soda Fridge

With this cool gadget on your workstation, you can now bid farewell to warm drinks. This super cool single beverage refrigerator, works simply by plugging it into your computer!

Vector Organizer

It’s compact. It’s simple and it’s just right for your office supplies. Never again would you have to search for a simple pin or ask your colleague for a stapler. This organizer is all you need! Its sleek design not only allows you to keep all your office supplies in one place but also lets you see every single thing on it.