Style tips we've received from Obama!

While the US President may be leaving the white house, he surely isn’t going out of style. In his two terms, we’ve seen him get stylish by the day. So here are a few style tips we’ve taken from the leader of the free USA!

Invest in good sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just to protect your eyes, but also to make a style statement. So get a pair that’s effortlessly stylish and classic.

Tie it right

While many people focus on the tie, they forget about the knot. Make sure you tie it perfectly to make the right impression.

Get the perfect fit

Obama knows a thing or two about suits. And one of them is getting the right fit. The perfect fit can make you look leaner. So make sure you find the right size.

Casual can be classy too

Whether Obama is hitting the tennis court, holidaying in Hawaii or just spending time with the family, he knows he can’t be caught off guard. Which is why, we recommend casual wear that can never go out of style. Choose classic denims, checkered shirts and the perfectly fitted polo tees.

When it comes to accessories, simplicity is the key

Like the stylish president, you may want to stay away from chain necklaces and chunky rings. Instead try simple yet bold accessories like a high quality time piece or a leather belt.

An accessory he never forgets- smile

The one thing that makes him more stylish than ever is his timeless smile. Whether greeting the people, handling media or shaking dignitaries, he knows how to charm them with his smile.