Crafting the future since 1851

At a time before the washing machines, ladies of the house had a tough time scrubbing the dirt off their husbands work shirts by hand. In 1820, Hannah Montague, an ordinary housewife had an inventive idea. She detached the collars of her husband’s work shirts and washed them separately. She created the first detachable collar in her home in Troy, New York.

In 1851, Ebenezer Brown saw this as a unique business opportunity in the detachable collar industry. He soon began manufacturing shirts with detachable collars in the back room of his general store.Thus, the company “Cluett Peabody & Co�?was born subsequently in Troy, New York. This eventually led to the establishment of brand Arrow, in the year 1851.

An authentic American brand, Arrow has been a symbol of class and quality. The brand has been the preferred choice of gentlemen for more than 165 years now. Today, it boasts of a line of collars that expands to over 400 styles. Known as expert shirt makers, the brand’s legacy began with the perfect white shirt with the ‘detachable collar’ for white collar professionals. Establishing a cornerstone in the American men’s dress shirt business.

The brand entered the sportswear market in 1930 and in the 1960s, Arrow moved away from crafting only white shirts, to include a range of colorful designs into its collection.

Over the years, Arrow’s undying spirit of innovative formal and casual wear has allowed it to craft new and better apparels for the bold men and women, who’ve dared to stand out of the crowd. Its innovations in formal shirts, jackets, trousers and more, have established ARROW as a brand for the young and the ones who believe in stretching the boundaries of fashion.

Today, Arrow has established itself as the pioneer of contemporary fashion& style. Its innovations like the Stain-free and wrinkle resistant shirts, have changed fashion forever. And Its masterpieces like the Stich-less Shirt. 4-in-1 Shirt. The Smart Shirt, the Travel blazer etc., have surely set a whole new benchmark in formal and casual wear. The Arrow styles, cuts, designs and inherent innovations help the bold professionals of today make a statement, without saying a word.