5 things to keep in mind when you switch from corporate to start ups

Moving from large corporations to new age start-ups can be daunting. But with a few steps, this move can be an advantageous one for the bold new professional. Here are a few things you’d want to keep in mind before making the switch.

Let go of the structure

While large corporates may be full of policies and hierarchies, start-ups do not care for them. You need to take initiative, innovate, and make a difference.

Get used to wearing many hats

Roll up your sleeves and start taking on multiple roles, from admin at the office to marketing and sales for the client.

Get ready to learn

While in a corporate you may be able to learn in one stream, in a start-up you will be able to gain knowledge on many spheres. So keep your eyes and ears open.

It's not a 9-5 job anymore

Most start-ups do not have usual work timings. If there is work, you’re expected to be there. But while you would work hard, you would also reap the benefits of it.

Money vs. experience

If you’re moving to get a big jump in the pay, don’t switch. Move to a startup if you’re looking to learn about the business.