5 Top Places To Party Into The New Year

We know that the bold new professional loves to work hard and party harder. And the year end is just the perfect time to forget everything and party through the night. So, let’s ring in the new year in style! Here’s a list of the top 5 best parties from across the globe which let you welcome 2017 with a bang!

Sydney, Australia

Where: Sydney Harbour, Harbour bridge, Opera House and Bondi beach
What’s in here: The celebrations in Sydney are a bouquet of thrilling engagements. Aerial flyovers displaying messages, brilliant display of fireworks, light shows, and several events at Taronga Zoo, catering to kids.
Mustn’t miss: Indigenous smoking ceremony and the well-lit boat parade

Edinburg, Scotland

Where: Princess Street Gardens
What’s in here: Crazy dancing in the streets, fabulous fireworks display at midnight, music concerts hosting internationally famous artists. This three-day long festival is popularly called Hogmanay Celebrations. The festivity also includes couple of adventurous experiences including a dive into the freezing chills of the River Forth.
Mustn’t miss: Dog sledging competition and the Loony Dook parade


Where: Moana Beach Park, Kakaako Park, Hawaii Islands, Waikiki Beach
What’s in here: Well, the entire set of islands don a festive look and the amazing celebrations go well into the new year. Outdoor music concerts, theme nights, boat cruises and of course the fireworks – Hawaii does it all in its own style.
Mustn’t miss: Pirate ship adventure, and Palms Music Fest at Kakaako Park


Where: Nassau, Nicholls Town, Green Turtle Cay, Alice Town
What’s in here: One of the most serene beaches in world turn extremely wild on the night of December 31st. Parades, masquerades, informal beach gatherings appreciating the fireworks, street performances, lights artists, carnival walks, band walks — this party in the Caribbean is a wild amalgamation of cultural, folk and traditional celebrations.
Mustn’t miss: Junkanoo Parade

Berlin, Germany

Where:Alexanderplatz, Berlin television tower, Spree River
What’s in here: Allow us to put it this way – “the 1.8 km stretch between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column gets over brimmed with about one million people ready to do anything to celebrate new year and party.�? With this magnitude of participation, Berlin’s streets are the most crowded ones on December 31st. Not to forget! There are fireworks, music, dance, noise, food, magic shows, booze, beer, and a lot more!
Mustn’t miss: Dance party at the 3 storey Berlin Tv Tower